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Stay unbothered about your business tech, without watching another Youtube tutorial

The Tech Tweak Week is the fastest 4 hours you’ll ever feel, where we fix up all your annoying, but necessary, tech updates and bring your (business) back-end into the 21st century

You've been evolving in your business,
and your tech hasn't been keeping up.​

You have all the pieces in your business, but still end up doing hours of manual labor when a Zap stops working, or keep pushing back those important updates to your follow ups and onboarding processes.

What once were a few Dubsado workflows that needed to be updated have now become outdated SOPs, and automations that aren’t doing anything but racing up your tech subscription fees. And you’re picking up the slack while new client, upsell and retention opportunities get missed. It’s death by a thousand cuts, and you want these fixed fast so you can mind
the business that pays you.

Your Tech Tweak Week is a technical quick-fix for all your backend updates, so they can finally start supporting you.

You don’t need an overhaul; you need a tune up.


Head of The Afro Coach, Elisbabeth Bourke
Head of The Afro Coach, Elisbabeth Bourke

It’s in the smallest tweaks that you can see the greatest impact in your business; we’ll deliver to you tested tech updates within a week.

the process

Here's How It Works


You fill out our 2-minute form telling us what tweaks you’d like made to your platforms


You choose your week


You sit back and relax as our team makes all your tech updates! You can have up to 5 tech updates done across multiple platforms!


By Friday, you receive a Loom SOP showing how your up-to-date tech is now actively working for you!
Elisabeth Bourke, owner of The Afro Coach Operations Agency

We can fine tune your:

Still manually sending out invoices? We’ll streamline your entire onboarding process so your clients can receive contracts, pay their bill, get access to their portals, and next steps without you lifting a finger

Always missing follow ups in the DMs? We’ll update your lead management processes so you never miss a potential client!

Always remembering a month later that you needed a testimonial? Let us fine tune that system for you so you never leave money on the table

Always remembering a month later that you needed a testimonial? Let us fine tune that system for you so you never leave money on the table


And so so much more!

Boutique operations specialist Elisbeth Bourke

Answers To The Questions You Have

Save your OBM’s precious hours for what you hired them for; to support you in managing the business and delivering to your clients. You can have our team of experts quickly diagnose and update your tech, so your OBM has more time to re-sign clients, answer inquires and give you more calendar space. 

Our team is quick and efficient so we can handle a fair few updates before the 4 hours are up. We have worked on over 50 systems builds and have developed our own internal systems to diagnose and fine tune tech updates. You’ll have plenty of time with us to have your tech updated.

We get businesses evolve and so systems change (completely normal)! We provide a Loom video walking through the updated tech, so you can see how it’s set up if you ever need to make an update! Or, you can inquire about our Quarterly Health Check service  to have a fully streamlined business without touching your tech, exclusive to Afro Coach clients.

If you are in need of customized strategic support along with full set up of your platforms with training and SOP documentation, our Pimp My Ops service would be perfect for you! 

Your systems should be working for you; and after we fine tune your tech, it will be.

The Tech Tweak Week is for you if:

Your Investment is: $997

Elisabeth Bourke, owner and founder of The Afro Coach Operations Agency
Elisabeth Bourke, owner of The Afro Coach Operations Agency

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