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Preparing a Thriving Business for Maternity Leave

How Subscribers to Sales was able to streamline their Youtube live program delivery to be managed by a team of 3, while the chief creator and owner took 3 months off for maternity leave!

Meet Subscribers to Sales

Subscribers to Sales is the the brain child of Youtube royalty Marissa Romero, whose coaching programs and done-for-you services help businesses across the globe build a Youtube presence to increase their brand recognition, leads, and sales. The company has helped 500+ people collectively make over a million dollars in sales and counting.

What started as a make money online channel and flourished into meaningful conversation about being a profitable creator and business on Youtube, Marissa and I connected during her hunt for an online business manager. She had grown her business exponentially over the course of 6 years; she had a team of people working for her, and was spending almost every waking moment managing them to ensure her channel, her students and her business were running smoothly. However, she was in the midst of going through a huge change in her life; she had 4 months before she would go on maternity leave for her first child.

What was Happening

Elisabeth Bourke, owner and founder of The Afro Coach Operations Agency
Elisabeth Bourke, owner and founder of The Afro Coach Operations Agency

The Asks

Why Elisabeth?

The Solution:

Pimp My Ops
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Then marissa renewed for our exclusive systems retainer for continua systems optimizations.

The Process

We did a deep-dive of Subscribers to Sales roles, and their current processes to fulfill client and customer service delivery. We anticipated potential gaps that can stunt growth based on our strategic objective mapping, and began initiatives to fill in before any problems occur (i.e. responses to potential brand deals during maternity leave, checking in with members not a part of the community, etc.). We outlined each team members’ responsibilities to avoid overstuffing, and outlining strategic hires to support the growth of the business. We then standardized decisions and processes for critical business tasks (refund requests, scheduling emails, pausing the membership, launch support etc.) that could be managed by our team while the Founder was on maternity leave. Finally, we crafted a clear maternity leave strategy so she can be offline, and the team had a chain of command for managing.

Their Asana was refreshed to create interactive launch procedures, project management workflows, and updated SOPs to empower team members to execute without her say so. We created an automated ticketing system was crafted for coaching and DFY clients for swift response from team members  for clients.

We dubsetted all spread sheets and build them a new client hub using Airtable. This now manages the progression of all clients, flags team members when to check in with a client, and managed payment plans. Finally, we outlined new responsibilities to her delivery assistants using her Subscribers to Sales framework, so they can confidently deliver assets to their done-for-you clients in line with the program objectives. New automations were crafted to free up team members’ time without lowering the client experience for the client, and we crafted new retention workflows to ensure she kept a high retention rate with her clients.

We crafted new team benchmarks to meet to ensure quality expectations were met, and we developed an SOP repository for team members to refer to, easing the need to ask the Founder any administrative questions.

Even after Founder came back from maternity leave, our team continually handled the systems optimization to avoid putting too much on their plate. We have since helped them build out their agency delivery systems, build a new lead management tool to qualify and close leads, and  onboard new team members to expand their team from 3 to 7.

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What Subscribers to Sales walked away with:

Why Elisabeth?

Pimp My Ops

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