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Pimp My Ops

For at-capacity service pros and coaches ready to make business simpler, sustainable and more scalable

Running business from your head isn’t scalable

When you’re trying to focus on the progression of business goals, delivery to your clients, AND living your life, that can easily turn into a lot of stress and anxiety.

You’re delivering spending copious amounts of time working on deliverables for your client, managing contractors, keeping track of leads, develop your OWN business, while also engaging in the life you built this business to spend more time in.

Oh, and also trying to scale past this revenue ceiling, since this business is how you take care of your family.

You’ve got too much of your business relying on what’s in your head; and it’s making it impossible to scale or take time away. 

Pimp My Ops is going to help you cut your working hours in half, while increasing your revenue in 90 days

We strategize, design, and implement operational changes in your business to take you out of the daily operations of running your business.

In 90 days, you will experience a luxuriously open calendar to fill with life priorities, and feel secure in the growth of your business thanks to a custom operational transformation.

Here's How It Works

“I would have never taken the time to properly map out my systems for my business on my own. Everything is now streamlined and I can delegate to my team with ease”

Amanda R. Agency Owner, Community Catalyst

Automations alone don’t make business scalable

Maybe you tried having your CRM workflows set up, or hired a VA to open up more time, but still felt that you were doing most of the work. Maybe you bought templates for a popular project management tool to automate your tasks better, but only used a fraction of them because it didn’t apply to your business.

Tech can’t make running your business easier, if the foundation is cracked.
Because these are all short term solutions, that don’t fix the root bottlenecks of your business. Your goals and needs are different, which means a band aid isn’t going to support or resolve this bigger issue.

This is why in Pimp My Ops we custom design these solutions, by FIRST understanding yout specific goals, environment, and needs. This way we know the operations, your people, your processes AND tools all are working together towards YOUR good.

No spending hours on Youtube tech tutorials, going in circles with your team, or falling back into putting this work back on your plate.

Scaling your business becomes much easier when your operational foundation is sound.

Here's What You Walk Away With

👉🏾4x 90-minute private consult calls to map out your ideal ops strategy & set up of your team management,  task management,  organizational, client experience systems based on your needs & growth goals

👉🏾A Get Out Your Head, Get Out Your Ops audit: A comprehensive, 360-degree audit on your biz and breakdown of the gaps holding your biz back & suggestions to plug and streamline them

👉🏾A mapping session demonstrating how we fully implement your operational system

👉🏾Full done-for-you setup & testing of your new project management, communication, business organization, admin, client experience and offer delivery systems

👉🏾SOPs & Loom video Resource Library after implementation + a 90 Days of ADDITIONAL Support through our Personalized Q+A Hotline

Your Investment Starts At $2500

in 3 monthly installments

MORE than the to-dos and the how-tos, Elisabeth spots areas of opportunity for your business, makes strategic recommendations around next steps (to hire or not to hire?!) and puts everything in order of priority/fast to longer term wins so you can see results quickly while also setting yourself up for future success. I can't rave about it enough - thank you so much Elisabeth!

Jess R. EQ Based Leadership Coach


A recovering workaholic and 24/7 hustler I know the feeling of building towards your vision, only to find you have built yourself a very stressful job instead.

I help Service Provider Small Businesses, Consultants and Coaches get OUT of overwhelm by streamlining their backends, so they can focus on enjoying their life without losing momentum in their revenue.

I have a mix of agency project management experience, process improvement best practices and coaching background to build a business foundation that aligns with the vision you have in the most sustainable way possible.

Answers To The Questions You Have

Yep, 3 monthly payments of $2500 is available.

NO. We are systems-agnostic, meaning we focus on building in the software that is best suited to you; not the one that is the most popular. We even offer a software analysis and comparison to ensure it’s the right software for you is asked.

For each offer we craft your entire Operational Engine: your automated workflows to contracting and invoicing your clients, onboard your clients to your offer, client delivery task management so every client receives the same quality of work, your team management, prepping your Project management tool to manage a team with ease, your offboarding/upselling, and your organizational process; ensuring you have a central hub for important docs and processes so you are never left wondering where something is. There is some slight nuance to this, depending on the size of your team.

You have access to me for the next 30 days after the completion of your set up via our connected Slack channel. You then get a check in call 30 days after to see how the systems are doing!

We get it, which is why we ask for no more than 5 calls throughout the 4 month period.  The trainings + walkthroughs will be delivered via Loom and Google Docs, for you to review at your own leisure.

If you feel like despite having those systems you still are over-capacitated in your business, yes. We dive into your latest operational set up to find what is bogging you down, what is costing you time, and create custom solutions to accelerate it.

Let's get you to your next 6-figures in half the working hours