The Afro Coach Operations Agency

Operations Health Check

Immediate clarity and relief for at-capacity service providers who are booked, busy and STRESSED.

You are one client away from calling it quits

The visibility and client demand you worked hard for has arrived; and you are struggling to keep up. 

Your calendar is full of client work, answering questions in Slack, trying to think up content,  it can feel overwhelming to find the mental space to do this with MORE business (to the point you’ve had to pause selling to try and catch up).

And you’re worried that being stretched thin between clients, is causing them to have a less-than-stellar experience with you; which is as a high quality service provider, is NOT what you stand for. 

You know there are gaps (shoot you are FEELING them), but you don’t have the time nor the energy to figure out where they are coming from or why.

You are looking for solution that identifies and fixes the problem now, so you can keep your reputation (and sanity) in tact with your current client load. Introducing...

The 7-day solution to identify and fix capacity gaps stunting growing  businesses

Gain clarity, and a step by step roadmap to confidently manage your growing workload

Here's what we cover inside your Operations Health Check 

Your Business: We’ll review your business as a whole and how it aligns with your current goals. You’ll receive suggestions on how to align your business day to day operations to your financial and lifestyle goals. 

Your Processes: We’ll look at HOW things are running, what is working well, and what is overstretching your time and energy. You’ll receive an operational strategy to smoothly onboard, serve, and manage a growing client list with no capacity limits. 

Your Action Plan:  By the end of the week, you’ll receive a step-by-step action plan outlining the holes capping your potential, how to fix them, and most importantly,  how to easily implement into your business

Remove the overwhelm out of your business operations

Here's how we take you from stressed to intentional, stress-free, and peaceful with an Operations Health Check

Meg S. Yoga Business Coach

“Before, I had absolutely NO systems, NO direction, and very low confidence in my business. I had ideas but no know-how! Lizzi walked me through step-by-step methods of building systems into my business to consistently draw my dream clients into my business space. She supported me every day (even when I felt low confidence) and helped me put my ideas into REAL ACTION! “


I totally love the proposed process and we really wanna thank you for the work you have put in. You absolutely nailed it. Your recommendations definitely opened doors for me to see things from a different perspective


Outstanding work on this Elisabeth! I usually have a thousand questions, but this was super well thought out and very clear to me!

The Operational Health Check is best for:

  • An agency owner, coach,  or service provider who has a full roster of clients, and wants tangible solutions to manage their current workload
  • Those wanting to invest in a long-term, operational strategy that  allows you to consistently deliver quality client results without burnout
  • Those looking for strategic advice on where to streamline their systems and better utilize their contractors for long term supp

Your Investment Is: $2500

MORE than the to-dos and the how-tos, Elisabeth spots areas of opportunity for your business, makes strategic recommendations around next steps (to hire or not to hire?!) and puts everything in order of priority/fast to longer term wins so you can see results quickly while also setting yourself up for future success. I can't rave about it enough - thank you so much Elisabeth!

Jess R. EQ Based Leadership Coach

After our time together:

  • You’ll be confident in delivering on your client results without working 24/7
  • You’ll feel safe in managing your day-to-day operations, knowing the processes, procedures and systems you’ve put in place are managing the heavy lifting while you have space to focus on development
  • You won’t feel stuck between pausing your sales goals and meeting your client’s expectations; your systems will allow you space to do both 
  • You’ll have the clarity, strategy and roadmap on how to easily implement our suggestions within 30 days!

Meet the Left brain, to your Right brain

Hey friend! I’m Elisabeth, and I’m here to help you bridge the gap between your vision and the day to day operations to get you there.

I’m a strong believer in not choosing between living a life and building your livelihood. Yet much of the frustrations, problems and obstacles can turn into a time and resource-suck that can make us feel like it’s do or die. Business is such a personal journey, and I’m honored as an operations strategist to support you in finding custom solutions that will help you reach your potential without asking you to sacrifice more than you already have to.

Over the course of 6 years I have been crafting the strategies I employ inside of an Operations Health Check to design a business backend to make your business self sustaining. 

I built this offer to help you find those crucial NEXT STEPS to progress towards your long term goals beyond ‘strategy’.

Answers To The Questions You Have

Yep, you can pay a deposit of $1250 to book your spot, with the last $1250 is not due until the start of your  Operational Health Check

You receive an in-depth Loom video to go over your report and access to our Q+A Hotline for an additional 7 days!

If you feel like despite having those systems you still are over-capacitated in your business, yes. We dive into your latest operational set up to find what is bogging you down, what is costing you time, and create custom solutions to accelerate it.

I get it, you’re busy! While we make the action plan as digestible as possible, we also have a team of experts at the ready to come into your business, implement, and train you and your team for you! This includes implementation of up to 3 processes, documented SOPs, and M-F support. A separate quote will be provided if you would like to pursue this option 

Save time, money and your band-aids with an Operations Health Check!