The Afro Coach Operations Agency

Nice To Virtually Meet You!

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Elisabeth, your friendly neighborhood systems gal,
lover of big hair and running business without running on empty!

I’m a business operations mentor who is teaching HOW to run a business your way.

I am a systems strategist, coach, and founder of The Afro Coach, a coaching and consulting company that helps overworked service-based entrepreneurs build sustainable, scalable, and profitable businesses without selling their freedom to do so.

In a nutshell, I take those lofty, vague strategies the business space loves to say will make you multiple 6-figures, and help you manage the HOW in between those steps without burning yourself out.

As a black woman, I am very familiar with the hustle-hard mentality; as long as you work hard, pay your dues, and never give up you too can have a successful business.

However, being on the backend of these businesses I realized very quickly that it took more than work to make a business work. It took understanding HOW to run one, and how to make it work specifically for you.

This is what I am in the business of doing.

I work with graphic designers, yoga teachers, personal trainers, doctors, life coaches, copywriters, and other service-based entrepreneurs to run a business that honors their capacity while also bringing in the $$$.

I’d love to help you do the same.

A more professional look into my background:

Elisabeth has a degree in Management Information Systems (the art of optimizing people, processes, and technology) and a 6-year background in project management for Fortune 500 companies and online businesses. She was the brains behind multi 7-figure online education companies in managing their backend to succeed. She also has been featured as a podcast guest and expert for thought leaders in the business space. Her mission is to help creative entrepreneurs get more time back in their business, and create sustainable brands while also navigating and honoring their capacity as human beings. 

And When I'm Not Working...

I am raising my adopted senior cat Puddykins! I also moved to Australia 2 years ago for my boyfriend now husband, and like to explore and find new places to visit. I really like reading webcomics and YA novels, so you will be giving recommendations during our calls together. I also like designing things and will put them up in The Afro Coach Shop.