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You’re in the GROWING PHASE of your business.

Meaning: You’re feeling great with the level of clients you’re at, and want to maintain that without feeling so run down to deliver.


Why This is AMAZING:

You are seeing momentum in your business, and the point of this season is to keep it up 🙌🏾. You have a pretty good handle on how you deliver to clients, and are ready to keep this good thing going, and now have the opportunity to maintain this growth, without needing to manage all the pieces.


What you’re probably experiencing: 

Financially, you’re feeling pretty good, but you may find that when it comes to running your business, you find yourself stretched thin having to both manage the increase in client work and still manage the growth in your business. 

You’re open to exploring other options of how to offload important, but not priority, tasks off your plate, and to rely more on your business, as opposed to yourself, to take care of the day to day operations. 

However right now this growing business feels more like you are the captain of a leaky ship; trying to dump out all the water, while also finding more gaps letting water in! You can’t be everywhere at once trying to plug these holes but at the same time, this is the way you know how to grow your business. How do you find the time to both drive the growth you are craving, your client experience is popping, AND find time to rest awhile? 


Your Diagnosis:

So where exactly do you start when you are in the GROWING season of business? 

In your pursuit of more clients and more revenue, you also want to ensure your business isn’t built around YOU being at your very best every single day in order for this business to work.

The value of your time has shifted; instead of you pulling all the levers and knobs; we want to maximize your time so that you aren’t needing to close all those manual gaps yourself, and can rely on your business to do a little more work for you. This is VERY normal for those who move into the growth season of business; we just need to re-orient what is priority work for you to do, and what can we delegate to your systems to handle for you. We want to build an operational structure like an engine, that has your work centralized and systemized so you are able to put in work, and have it be amplified to work for you!

The great thing about this is we are building on what has already proven to work in the past; just now making room for other means of support to carry you through! All you need to do is refine your processes that make space for your business to fully support you through your team owning key business tasks to support your clients without needing to rely on you.



What you can do about it

  • Simplify, Simplify, Simplify! You have a routine of what your core process for delivering is, but now is the time to accommodate for the upcoming growth you are actively looking for! What offers can you deliver that don’t consume over 90% of your time? Automate repeatable tasks into a workflow along the client experience.
  • Now is the time you want to prioritize your time and your energy for what is most important (what’s in your Zone of Joy and Zone of Genius). Growth shows gaps, so review your client offers, their onboarding and delivery processes, and other areas you notice a LOT of your time is going to manually operate
  • Prioritize your performance over your productivity. Determine how to measure (through KPIs) how well you, your processes and your current platforms are performing in relation to your goals! My favorites are: X and X

This phase, despite all the options available out there on what you should be doing, the name of the game is going to be simplification. We can’t build off of anything complex, and if you are wanting to move into your SUSTANING season of business, we want to ensure you have something that can be managed and sustained without you needing to hold 90% of the reins. 

If you are wondering how to implement the diagnosis, you’re in the right place.

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