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You’re in the SCALING/SUSTAINING PHASE of your business.

Meaning: You’re prepping to increase your business growth exponentially— hiring and leading a team, increasing your business capacity, and focusing only on high-value tasks.


Why This is AMAZING:

You are at a stage of your business where business is business-ing, and you are in the midst of living the vision you had for this business’s potential. You’re wanting to create a business that is not only going to help you reach your next major financial milestone, but also, you want to do so without adding more to your plate.

The goal of this season is to make sure not only prepare for the growth to come, but also to be able to sustain it with the power of your people, processes and tools.


What you’re probably experiencing: 

You’re ready to step into a role where you are focused solely on your zone of genius, but right now, the operations aren’t fully ready to accommodate the growth that is coming.

Plus, trying to articulate this new season to your team may prove difficult for you, as you are so used to doing this type of work on your own. 

You are feeling the increased potential (and low key, pressure) to lead this business into the potential you see for it and not sure where to start scaling to an area you’ve never personal seen before. 


Your Diagnosis:

So where exactly do you start when you are in the SCALING season of business?

Something to keep in mind with your scaling/sustainaing season is that this is about fortifying your already thriving systems, to accommodate for you not being the main operator. We want you to reduce your current workload so you can focus in on what you are EXCELLENT at! Whether that is being the main content creator, the chief course curriculum, an excellent people manager, of the personality hire. Whatever it is, we want to divvy up the hats you have been wearing for so long, to your team and systems to manage. 

What’s great about this is that it’s less about adding and more refining in this season; you already have the momentum, we are just making it less stressful for you to manage it. 



What you can do about it

  • Review potential capacity gaps that would make sustaining your client results. This can be in your platforms, people, process or product.
  • Reduce the amount of hats you are wearing. Team members aren’t there to just save time, but to support your income growth as well! Craft an accountability chart to identify the responsibilities each member of your team owns, including yourself. 
  • Focus on crafting/refining business policies (pre-made decisions) for how your team responds to common scenarios, so they can move forward with responsibilities without relying on you
  • Identify your sweet spot for scalability. While we all love the idea of endless growth, there is always a point where operatioally you go past what you enjoy managing. If you are not someone wanting to run a 20+ team company with 500 clients, you don’t have to.

If you are wondering, “that’s great but how do I know what needs to be refined to scale to my sweet spot?”, you’re in the right place.

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