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You’re in the ORGANIZING PHASE of your business.

Meaning: You’re still assembling the pieces of your backend to get consistent results.


Why this is AMAZING:

You are seeing clients coming through your doors (albeit, less consistently than you are wanting), and are ready to have this business be able to take on more! You are in one of the most flexible seasons of business where as your vision starts to take shape, you can quickly adjust and refine your business to best suit how to progress to it not only quickly, but sustainably. 

And now is the perfect time to introduce structure in your business to make sure the time you spend IN your business is progressing you, not draining you. 


What you’re probably experiencing: 

Behind the scenes things feel scattered, and all your business processes are kept in your memory (when you remember them).

As someone in the Organizing Phase, you are WELL on your way to building the business of your vision, and are not afraid of the hard work it takes to get there!

Though sometimes, it may feel like you have to check a couple (or more) email threads and a filled-to-the-brim notebook to find answers to certain areas of your business. 

You tend to track all the tasks, processes, and to-dos in your brain, and can spend a LOT of time in your business remembering random things you need to get done, leaving you in your business more than you’d like.


Your Diagnosis:

So where exactly do you start when you are in the ORAGNIZING season of business? 

Let’s start first with the name of the game in this season is LESS is more. You already have a working model (yay!) but we don’t want ALL your time to be the only fuel to keep it working. And when so many things continually rely on your memory and your capabilities, it leaves you running a business scattered. And scattered can’t grow. Imagine if you could take those frameworks, strategies and expertise you’ve spent years developing, into a standard way of working so you don’t have to decide in the moment how you are going to tackle a new client? 

Think of it like instead of recreating a wheel, you have the wheel and can roll with it.

The great thing about this is we aren’t creating anything new, you are already doing this! We only are downloading it from your brain into written form so it can be refined to be your definitive processes, so you can have a rinse and repeat structure that can take on more clients without recreating the wheel. 



What you can do about it

  • Document your current processes, to avoid relying too much on memory to complete important tasks
  • Save responses to leads, onboarding information, and questions asked into a folder to begin creating pre-written templates for faster response times
  • Provide yourself ONE SOURCE of TRUTH. Centralizing your most important documents, links, and other resources cut down on the amount of time it takes to locate everything. I like to use Google Drive or Box for this, and then have it connect to my task management tool.

Notice I didn’t mention a lick about automation yet? That’s because we can’t automate what hasn’t been simplified. The ORGANIZING phase of business all about building that foundation, so you can move into your next season of business, GROWING. 


If you are wondering how to implement the diagnosis, you’re in the right place.

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