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Managing Massive Growth

How Evolve United ditched band-aid solutions, and standardised their project workflows to empower their talented team, and allow the founder to reclaim space for their zone of genius.

Meet EvolveUnited

EvolveUnited crafts curated engagement programs for apartment complexes, providing professionally-led classes and events across 6 states and counting.

Started in 2018 from a passion for community wellness and fitness, EvolveUnited had gone through several changes in their rapid scaling; from leadership changes, and growth in their team, offers, and clients (they went from one state to six)! With change and evolution comes gaps, and they needed help being able to translate and streamline the vision their founder had into the very people, processes and platforms they used to execute it.

Why Elisabeth?

What Was Happening

Managing Business from The Founder’s Brain

Evolve United was expanding fast, and despite having a VA and Operations Manager, all of the information from how to support a new client to the technical set ups of an onboarding, lived in the founder’s head. They wanted to ensure that the business, and it’s complex interrunnings that made them stand out to clients, could be managed without the Founder needing to be involved in the day to day. 

Empowering + Training a Talented Team

EvolveUnited wanted to ensure that their team was empowered to make decisions without needing to rely on the Founder. They wanted a way to centrally manage all customer and contractor support without relying on copious emails or scrolling through endless Slack messages. Beyond their leadership team, they also were managing 40+ independent contractors to do in-house events and classes, and wanted to ensure a consistent experience across two states. Most importantly, they wanted to ensure that if a contractor couldn’t make a class, they could easily find another through the watchful management of the Ops Manager.

Increased Tribe Thinking

A lot of knowledge for the business was with team members’ minds, however if someone were to leave, so would that knowledge. After several changes to their core offer and the addition of new team members, problems arose when important information was lost when team members move on, and complex client set ups required the CEO to complete. They wanted step-by-step instructions for ANY team member to pick up and execute when it came to their key operations.

Building from a Custom Client Onboarding and Launch Experience

With a growing business, EvolveUnited didn’t want to have to recreate the wheel anytime a new client came onboard. They wanted a seamless, repeatable process for their VA and Ops manager to deploy 

Head of The Afro Coach, Elisbabeth Bourke

The Asks

The Solution:

Pimp My Ops

4 months of bespoke consultation, customised processes and tech implementation

The Process

We went through an Ops Health Check to understand the root causes that were slowing the productivity and task execution consistency. During this phase, we reviewed their entire platform stack, interviewed their team, and provided a gap analysis and report showcasing what could be done to eliminate them.

We created a visual roadmap showcasing how much smoother EvolveUnited with custom designed onboarding, financial reporting, staffing, client event management and set-up. We also outlined how much time would be saved in developing policies for managing staff cancellations and substitutes so that clients who had scheduled classes never missed out.

Through this roadmap, we showed how the majority of the business operations could be handled by the Chief Operations Officer and their Viryual assistant, leaving room for the CEO to focus on the growth of the business.

Over 12 weeks, Elisabeth overhauled the existing Asana framework to better support their team, redesigning their Asana team and project structures, and standardising their delivery processes through templates and a simplified task management process.

She reorganised their Google Drive, so they could easily find assets related to new client events, and connected it to EvolveUnited’s Asana, so they could avoid digging for important documents and stay within their chosen source of truth.

She developed a new way to manage data of their clients, building two Airtable bases from scratch to manage both their clients and their events, thereby eliminating several spreadsheets from their arsenal. Elisabeth made it simple to see which event plan clients were on, and automated when each client was due an event, prompting the operations manager to plan for events ahead of time.

Elisabeth went to work documenting all the current processes the Founder had audibly been relating to his team, and crafting a hybrid video and text SOP interactive repository,  elevating them to support their streamlined approaches made to their onboarding and event planning. 

All SOPs were linked to their respective task templates inside of Asana, so no matter who was assigned to what or how new they were, they could see the exact steps of how to execute that task to the standards of the company.

Elisabeth and her team stayed on for an additional 3 months to ensure the team felt comfortable and confident with their new systems.

Elisabeth Bourke, owner and founder of The Afro Coach Operations Agency

What EvolveUnited walked away with:

Why Elisabeth?

Pimp My Ops

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Head of The Afro Coach, Elisbabeth Bourke