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5 Must Haves to Getting Consistent Clients

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  1. CLARITY: Check your social media bios, business card, email signature…are you stating what it is that you do EXACTLY? Are you stating who your services are for? Or are you casting a wide-as generic net hoping your ‘ideal clients’ will find you in the sea of other online service entrepreneurs? Be clear and state what you do so your exact client knows you are their person.

  2. CONNECTIONS: If you thought because you were on the internet it meant you wouldn’t have to make any relationships as an entrepreneur, here is me bursting your bubble (pop). You are going to need to build connections with the people you are working with in order for them to know you, love you and above all TRUST you.

  3. CREDIBILITY: Are you creating valuable content that positions you as an expert in your field. Doing valuable live streams, writing triggering bog/social media posts, making free, clear advice that helps them get free WINS

  4. CONSISTENCY: If you are posting only once every blue moon, how do you expect to find consistent clients? Be vigilant in keeping a schedule of content (both promotional and free) so people can trust you to always have valuable content for them, often. Be consistent in selling, in adding value, in helping people, and watch the consistency of clientele grow. That, and building a repository of valuable advice that future leads can look to! 

  5. CONFIDENCE: i get how easy it is to lose confidence in yourself when you aren’t seeing the return to all the time and energy you put in to your program, your promotions, your posts…everything in your business

    But if YOU aren’t excited or confident in what you are offering then NO ONE else is going to be confident in you. Not everyone being moved by your work will be vocal. Not everyone you need to serve will slide into your DMs after your first sales post (in fact, that rarely happened). Be confident that what you offer is valuable, is powerful, and will impact many people, and act according to that belief. People WILL take notice.

  6. CREATIVITY (BONUS!) Don’t be afraid to step outside the box, in fact, it’s ENCOURAGED. Building a business doesn’t mean putting your head in the sand and just doing the steps told to you by whatever Insta-guru. You aren’t a cog in some machine, you are the CREATOR of your business. So, be creative. Have fun with your promos, have a dance challenge, post silly photos, host an offline coffee meet n greet…whatever it is that floats your boat and would make you SO excited to do, DO IT. It’s those types of ideas that will set you, and your business, apart.

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