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Case Study

Meet Amanda

An in-demand community and client experience manager.
Owner of The Community Catalysts

Amanda connected with me in January 2022. Her business was in high demand, and for good reason — she is amazing at managing communities and people were starting to take notice. But she was getting overwhelmed with the amount of work on her plate, and given the number of clients she was serving, she was realizing she needed more structure to manage her client experience before she could no longer deliver.

Amanda had three goals when joining Pimp My Business:

  • Have clear documentation of her processes so she could provide a consistent experience to her clients

  • Have a more streamlined process to manage the client’s expectations without her doing the most handling everything manually

  • Have more time to focus on lead generation and client retention efforts to reach her goals

I want actual systems in place! I would LOVE to just be able to "sit down to work" and have a repeatable system that I am working over and over again for my clients that is giving them the BEST client experience!


Using the C.E.O Framework


  • Prioritized which tasks needed her attention, and which she could hand off or automate

  • Identified main gaps that she was manually covering (and how to close them); we ended up finding some of the work she was doing out of scope to her clients, were costing her $$$. One of them upwards of $2000

  • Converted ideas she had into her head into clear processes for her business


  • Outlined her ideal work week and business goals

  • What responsibilities she needed her new hires to take care of

  • What boundaries she needed between her and clients


  • Mapped out her entire client experience workflows

  • Created KPIs to measure performance and progression

  • Found opportunities to build client upsells within her product suite for client retention

After Pimp My Business

After 5 hours, we had fully mapped out her client experience, responsibilities of new hires, and workflows to free up her schedule while still serving her current clientele!

Using the comprehensive Pimp My Business workbook, Amanda had all her workflows, processes, and automation mapped out ready to be implemented.

She was able to easily hand them off to her newly hired team, who easily understood and could easily pick up and manage the processes Amanda chose to delegate.

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