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Elisabeth Bourke, owner and founder of The Afro Coach Operations Agency

Hi, I’m Elisabeth

I craft people-first systems to help you manage and grow a high-revenue agency or service based business stress-free

If you're ready to amplify your business without needing a large team to do it, we should talk

Business is hard enough as it is; and trying to manage both the vision and the day to day operations make it that much harder. I work with you to design an operational strategy that is directly in line with your big goals, and then design and implement the systems needed to bridge the gap as quickly as possible.

Hi there, I’m Elisabeth, the last systems-person you’ll ever need

I am the founder of The Afro Coach, a coaching and consulting company that helps overworked service-based entrepreneurs build sustainable, scalable, and profitable businesses without selling their freedom to do so.

In a nutshell, I take those lofty, vague strategies the business space loves to say will make you multiple 6-figures, and help you manage the HOW in between those steps without burning yourself out.

As a black woman, I am very familiar with the hustle-hard mentality; as long as you work hard, pay your dues, and never give up you too can have a successful business.

However, both working as a project manager in Seattle for brands like Microsoft, and then being behind the scenes of high-earning online brands as a project manager,  I realized very quickly that it took more than willpower to make a business work. It took understanding HOW to run one, and how to make it work specifically for you.

This is what I am in the business of doing.

I work with boutique agencies and service providers to run a business that honors their capacity while earning high-profit sustainably.

I’d love to help you do the same.

I’m on a mission to help you feel unbothered about running a high-revenue business. With every service, this is what you can expect:

Easy to Understand
System Strategy

You will always receive a simple, clear strategy and step by step understanding on how you can design your operations to suit your lifestyle AND scale your business. We will always start from creating a clear correlation between your vision and your day to day work, and the exact pieces needed in order to get there.

Tried and Tested

You won’t be given a system that isn’t tested. Everything is tested 3 times before sent to you to review. And you are provided tech documentation if you ever need to update the systems we give you.

Operations designed
with you in mind

You will NEVER receive the same operational advice as another. You can expect custom results generated from battle-tested frameworks and systems refined after working on over 50 system builds. Your operations strategy, systems and tools will ALWAYS be made with your unique mission, needs and environment considered.

Elisabeth Bourke, owner and founder of The Afro Coach Operations Agency

5 things you didn’t know about me

I have a degree in Management Information Systems (the art of optimizing people, processes, and technology) and a 6-year background in project management for Fortune 500 companies and online businesses.

I built this agency while moving from the US to Australia back in 2019

I am the proud mom of a 13-year old tabby named Puddyins (PDK for short)

I used to work at Disney World (the mecca of great customer service and systems)

I’m insanely good at coming up with automations on the fly (as many of my Tech Tweak Week clients know)!

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