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3 Ways to Sign Clients WITHOUT Launching




The business space puts a HUGE emphasis on launching when it comes to presenting your offers to the world. However, traditional launches do not fit every single business owner; especially those with creative businesses.

The problem with most launch protocols is that they require a consistent level of high energy in order to work inside your business. A level of energy that is difficult to maintain when you naturally have high and low periods of energy as a human being.

Plus when you have a few offers in your product suite, having to do back to back launches can feel draining!

Thankfully, there are multiple ways to present your offers to your audience without having to have a full blown launch. 

Here are my some of favorite ways to attract and sign clients without doing a major launch:


Just because your offer is closed, doesn’t mean you can’t start getting people interested in it! I love waitlists as a way to take the pressure off trying to fill seats with every launch, and as a great way to validate who wants to work with me! Instead of having to hype, market, and sell people to a product as soon as seats are available, you can instead market the waitlist periodically and nurture those leads for a private launch to the waitlist only. Not everyone in your audience is ready to buy right when you launch, or will ever be a customer for that matter, so waitlists gives you the ability to separate who is ready to purchase, from those who need to be nurtured a bit more! It also takes the pressure off of needing to fill those spots, when you know you have people ready to join.

One Stop Shop

Something that everyone enjoys is CHOICE. And while everyone will be ready to purchase your services during a launch, you shouldn’t have to wait until your next launch to be able to sign them! This is where one-stop shops are a great asset.While launches only offer your service or product within that given time, one stop shops allow you to offer these services 24/7. For those products or services you don’t feel warrant a full launch compared to premium services, this is a great way to offer your potential clients choices of your offerings that make the most sense to them, in the time they need it. If you have several products, or, have products and services you have/want to create that you want to be available at all times, and don’t warrant a full launch, one stop shops are a great option. My client’s favorite way to use these types of shops is offering a freebie through the shop, and giving them the option to see the other services, courses, templates available. You can check out mine at The Afro Coach Shop!

Internal upsells

Do you have products that you feel only make sense for those who have worked with you before? How about for those who specifically have signed up through an email list or challenge you did and now are looking for more? Internal upsells are fantastic ways to further support your clients, but keeping them exclusive to those who meet the right qualifications. This can be an aftercare program for those who have completed a course with you, a monthly subscription of support for those who finished a service, the opportunities are endless. Plus, it’s much easier to re-sign someone who has worked with you before, as opposed to trying to sign with a brand new person. As an example, I offer additional coaching packages for clients who complete my Pimp My Biz Intensives. Internal upsells are a fantastic supplement to the other ways of signing clients to your business.

Which of these sounds best for your business?

Now sometimes it takes more than implementing different enrollment strategies; sometimes it’s taking a holistic look at how your business brings clients in, and if it’s putting more onto your plate than necessary. If you need help streamlining your business, I would love to help you through a Pimp My Biz Intensive. Or, if you are needing more resources, check out the Afro Coach Shop for templates, masterclasses and services to get additional support!

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