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3 Low Hanging Systems You Can Implement in Your Business NOW

Many coaches and service providers think implementing systems in their business requires
1) Too much time or,
2) Too much money to do so

And I don’t blame them—the way systems have been introduced into the online business community, especially for service providers, as a complicated process that could be done faster if you just did it on your own.

But here’s the thing: We NEED systems in our business in order to not only scale but to stabilize and create a foundation for us to grow in our business. And thankfully, they don’t have to be time consuming or expensive to create.

I’ll break down how below!

Why We Need Systems in Our Service Businesses:

In running your service-based business it’s natural that gaps occur because hello, we are experts in our fields not in running a business.

It’s natural we make mistakes, try new things, and stick to what works in getting us as close to our goals as possible

But there WILL come a time when it’s time for us to cement some form of a foundation so we can serve more people, increase our earning power, and scale

This way our business can maintain our core operations, as well as support an increase in service when you scale your enterprise. We have to scale from somewhere, but that can’t be from us DOING things. 

Any time we try to grow or scale from a place where we are DOING all the things, there is a CAP. 

WHY? Because we can’t make more time when there are more people to serve or more people to manage. We HAVE to have some level of systems to support us so we can focus our effort on what we are good at and to be able to serve our people as BEST we can.

Literally, DOING MORE just adds more confusion and frantic-ness than more intentional time for you. 

Naturally, this creates gaps we have to fill. Gaps are more obvious when you slow down and evaluate the trajectory you are heading towards.

There are two gaps we want to cover through systems in your business:

  • Taking too much time: These are the gaps that you are spending a lot of your time and energy on. This can be because it’s a manual task that you are trying to cover yourself, or, a task that needs to be done by a person, and you are the only manpower you have in your business right now.

  • Outside your Zone of Genius: These are the tasks that are outside of your scope. They feel incredibly draining to do, but you have to do them since they are critical to your business operations. However, they may not be getting done as effectively as possible because it’s not your best skill, nor do you have time or energy to put towards sharpening it.

With Afro Coach offers, I teach how to cover these specific gaps in your business through the Template, Automate, Delegate system, which is the foundation of my Momentum 1:1 program.

However down below we’ll cover the top systems that can plug common gaps in any business, and how they will help you streamline and stabilize your business.


Low Hanging Systems You Can Easily Implement in Your Business

  1. Content Creation

    Content creation takes up a good portion of time for any business owner, but when content is your main lead generation driver, you can’t be reliant on your inspiration alone to create. As they say, “Consistency is key”. Setting up a content batching/repurposing system can help heaps in making sure your content is not only going out consistently but intentionally making space for you to focus on other things beyond being a content machine (like serving clients or just living your life)

  2. Lead Generation

    Active lead generation tactics are the most taught in the online business space, but building a passive/automated lead generation funnel is crucial to bring in consistent, qualified leads to your business. This can be through long-form content (hey Pinterest and Youtube), consistent nurturing (EMAIL), and /or referrals. Are you automating asks on testimonials and referrals for example? I talk about setting up this type of consistency in this blog here.

  3. Onboarding/Offboarding

    Y’all knew it was coming. Onboarding is the first impression a client gets after they make an investment. They are excited and shitting their pants. And the delay caused in you trying to get your client set up. Don’t miss this crucial step. this would be an example of TEMPLATIZE it. Record your process and template it out to save time. Even better automate it. I do this in Dubsado to make sure I’m sending information quickly, setting up expectations upfront so that we aren’t crossing any boundaries in the future (or have something to bring up if they are crossed). Also, lends itself as a greater groundwork to a great relationship with your client (leading to a referral)

    These are all systems you can easily set up in your business because more than like you are already doing them manually in your business. Systems aren’t meant to complete overhaul or replace the work you are doing now— instead, they are more of an extension of the work you do, amplifying what you do so more people can be served without the cost of time to you.

    Now the services I provide do cover these gaps and more dependent on the client, but if you are looking to get together in legit 10 minutes or less, grab my onboarding plug-n-play templates. My Reina Onboarding Templates take care of this if you DON’T have a process set up for this. Not only do you get customizable templates, but you ALSO get a mini-workshop explaining the onboarding process (and how you can apply it to your business) alongside welcome emails. 

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