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My 3-Step Process to Long Term Sales (No Ads Required!)

If you are someone who is tired of writing gazillion posts to ‘show up’ in your business and are ready to stop hoping someone comes across your posts through hashtag strategies this post (and video) was created for you! We are changing how you think about your social media strategy, and creating long-term systems that work for any type of online business to gain consistent leads. Even better, no paid ads needed!

Enjoy the video OR the written blog below 🙂

I’ll say it.

Instagram and FB groups are where amazing content goes to die.

So much powerful content is locked up on platforms with little reach and when you are trying to increase your visibility, you aren’t doing any favors having them stay ONLY on these platforms. In fact, you end up having to continually show up, manually, every day in order to make your business successful.

While this is ONE strategy, I don’t think it should be the only way to make yourself ‘discoverable’.

If that were true, you would have zero days off, no time to yourself, and I don’t know about you, but that’s not what I signed up for when I became an entrepreneur.

But consistency is king which MEANS we need to make sure your business is still providing value to people in all parts of your sales pipeline.

In order to do that, we need to understand how platforms work.

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While making money from FB or IG alone is very much a thing, it is also a very manual tasks (if you don’t use ads). Hashtags, Engagement, Posting, IG Stories. It’s a lot of work, and while rewarding, most of the content disappears in the blink of an eye on the timeline

1. Gaining Attention through MOVER platforms

One of the phrases that kept coming up whenever I asked about lead generation was about is how to find where leads ‘hang out’, but as an online business that shouldn’t be the question you’re asking. You’re where they are at (Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.). The question becomes, how do you get them to notice you? Despite what’s popularized, finding qualified leads doesn’t come purely from a hashtag…it’s also from utilizing outside platforms that drive people to their other platforms to be nurtured and converted. Those outside platforms I like to call MOVER platforms. They are search engine optimized, or SEO, based. The goal is to make sure they know you exist. They are content platforms that make it easy for people to search and find your content through keywords. These are platforms people are explicitly looking for guidance and advice, and have a shelf life 10x longer than an IG or FB post. They are there to educate an audience to those searching for it. You may have found this very blog through one of my Mover platforms, Pinterest OR seen the video above through my other Mover platform, YOUTUBE.

2. Nurture through Shaker platforms 

From there, you then can move these newly informed people to your nurture platforms on Instagram and Facebook. Since these platforms are focused on social connection, these are excellent to help your audience, not only learn more from you, but also get to TRUST you. We always building that KLT factor out here friends. Something to keep in mind with your nurture content is that the content you share should be highly authoritative, knowledge, and valuable (this doesn’t always mean How-Tos, but emotional connection, testimonials, and other content that could help your audience get to know you better). So it’s really showing off your authority, ones that show off your personality, ones that really encompass the essence, of what you do as a business owner. This will help warm your audience up for the THIRD step…

NOTE: In my Youtube video above, I give a SOLID tip on how to utilize content already created to do this so you aren’t having to keep writing content day in and day out for new audience members 🙂 I also give some solid content tips in my blog post 5 Must-Haves to Getting Consistent Clients.

3. Sell through a clear sales process

Now that they are nurtured, you have to give them an easy process to be able to purchase a solution from you. Picture this: If you were in a grocery store, which of these two lines would you get in? Would you get in the one that has a long line? Where the clerk is taking their sweet, old time talking to every single person, and slowing down their bagging process? Or would you go to the clerk that has a shorter line is friendly and is conversational, but also is getting the job done so that you can get out and go so that you can get back home and start cooking dinner or whatever the hell you got to do? I don’t know about you, but I’m going to go for the line that is efficient and quick and is very easily getting me closer to my goal. Get in, get out with my groceries, move on. You got to do the same thing with your sales experience. So having clear steps on how to purchase from every platform (because you never know WHERE someone is on their buyer journey) and walking them through how they can purchase the right solution from you when ready. The worst thing that can happen is having so many people READY to purchase from you, and it’s too difficult for them to figure out how, so they don’t. An exercise I suggest you do to fix this is creating a straight forward pathway to help you clearly see the steps someone would make coming from your Mover and Shaker platforms, to your sales process.

Instituting these long-term content funnels only amplifies your message beyond the 5 seconds you get on the timeline AND help get you qualified leads on a more automated basis ✌🏾

If you want to learn more about how to do this for YOUR business, or where to even begin building a system like this, this is what I teach my clients to implement in my coaching services

While not all platforms are right for every client, I work with you to define what your Mover and Shaker platforms are, and how to map out, implement, and execute a system that brings you consistent leads and sales (without having to compromise your freedom for it).

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